About Us

since 1960

Aerolloy Technologies Limited

Aerolloy Technologies Limited, is a wholly owned subsidiary of PTC Industries Ltd and is a newly formed business for serving the International Aerospace and Defence markets. Our expert management team have designed this lean manufacturing facility to serve International Aerospace & Defence contractors from Aircraft Manufacturer to Tier 3 Supply Chain companies.

Aerolloy’s parent company, PTC Industries Ltd., has been operating since the 1960’s in the manufacture of high integrity castings for a wide range of industries. We operate an Investment Casting Facility using the Lost Wax process and a truly modern Replicast Facility to produce near net shape parts to a high surface finish.

Some of our customers include multi-national and global blue-chip companies, leaders in their field with an exceptional reputation for quality, reliability and service life of their products, thanks hugely to the technology and processes from PTC Industries Ltd.